Monday, November 19, 2007

Remembering the Summer

Well, cool weather is finally upon us. I was looking back through some of the pictures I took this summer and never got around to sharing or editing. I found these from our trip to Utah at the end of the summer, so I thought I'd share.

We had so much fun on our trip. We spent nearly all of our time with Grandpa and Nic. We took daily walks to the cemetery and we visited out on the porch of the cabin for several hours one evening. Kyle's uncle, Paul R., is hilarious. He tells the funniest stories. One of the pics is of him and Nic as we all sat around visiting.

We tried to go to the zoo one day with Nic but the funniest thing happened. We went to eat at Cafe Rio and Nic showed us around the area in Salt Lake where he has lived for the past couple of years, then we headed up to the zoo. It was just a normal Thursday, so we thought. As we drove up to zoo, we noticed there weren't very many cars there, but we parked and started to walk up and we were met by a security guard. Here's the conversation:

Security Guard: Are you guys coming to the zoo?

Nic: We sure are (kinda in the tone of voice that said, "well, we are parked at the zoo and walking up to the zoo, so we are probably going to the zoo."

Security Guard: Well, the zoo's closed today.

Kyle: Are you serious?

Security Guard: Yep, I'm serious.

Nic: Oh, so do you close periodically for cleaning or something?

Security Guard: No, just today.

Kyle: Oh are you closed for a week or something for maintenance?

Security Guard: Nope, just today.

Nic: You mean to tell me that this is the first time I have tried to come to this zoo in over years, and it is closed, just for today?

Security Guard: Yep.

Nic: Well, you know what you call that don't you?

Security Guard: Uh, no.

Nic: That's just flat out, bad luck. (He actually said another word instead of bad, but I'll refrain from writing that in my blog!)

It was quite surreal. But, it was true, the zoo really was closed, so we went down to the planetariun instead. We saw a dinosaur 3-D IMAX show and the boys had a great time, even without the zoo!

Here are a few pics from that trip.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Zac and Will

My two little guys have done and said some of the cutest things lately. I'm blogging about it for two reasons. One is to share with you how wonderful my children are and two, so I won't forget over time all of these cute things.

It all starts when Will wakes up at about 7:45 every morning and the first thing he says is, "Hey, Mom. Game?" When he says "game" he is referring to the XBox college baseball game. He just wants me to put it on automatic play and he watches it and pretends to be the players; fielding ground balls, pitching, batting, running the bases, sliding, etc. Whenever a player gets a hit, he yells, "He hit that ball!" Then he runs around in a circle a few times, slides, and yells, "Safe!" This entire scene is re-enacted several times a day. It's hilarious.

Then Zac gets up and at about 8:30 or 9:00. When I say, "Good morning, Zac," his immediate reply is, "Mom, I'm NOT Zac, I'm Jay Cutler!" He wastes no time before he gets into full Jay Cutler attire (see a previous post for pictures), and starts running plays with his entire imaginary team. He gets into position, looks to the right and yells, "Blue 22," looks to the left, "Blue 22, hike, hike!" Then he takes off, dodging tackles, avoiding collisions, and finally falls down, as if he's finally been run down by his opponent. It's a site to see.

Last night, I went to work out and while I was gone, Will pulled our Christmas tree over on top of him. Kyle said he heard something and ran into the living room to find Will peaking out from under the tree! And yes, I have already put my Christmas tree up. I haven't been able to put one up for the last five years for different reasons, so Kyle and I decided on Saturday morning we wanted to go ahead and get the Christmas season started. We both love the Holidays and we love Christmas music. We have a rule that after Halloween, Christmas is free game. I love the fall and Thanksgiving. My birthday is in November and often falls on Thanksgiving Day. It is my favorite time of year! Anyway- I redecorated the tree this morning and Will have been warned!

Zac is full of funny statements these days. He is constantly saying, "For the love of Pete!" I have no idea where he got that from, but he cracks me up when he says it. He planned his own surprise birthday party a couple of weeks ago! It was quite the spectacle. He's a funny boy.

I'll stop gushing. I'm just a proud mama. I hope these stories make you smile. My boys keep a smile on my face all the time.