Friday, March 30, 2007

Popcorn Time

Today I watched my friend Kristen's girls, Carly and Maya, for a little while for her to go to the doctor. We decided to make some popcorn and they all loved it. It was so funny watching them all stuff their faces. A little Berenstain Bears to keep them entertained, and you have the perfect formula for success.

Enjoying Cousins

We spent last week in Spanish Fork with Kyle's family. Zac and Will thoroughly enjoyed spending time with their cousins. The weather was beautiful most of the week, so they were able to play lots of baseball. Zac and Josh became instant partners in crime. Zac was devastated the day we left, but luckily, we're going back in a few weeks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sunshine and Fun Times

We went down to St. George this past weekend for the Sunshine Baseball Tournament to watch Spanish Fork play. We had a great weekend with wonderful weather and great baseball games. Spanish Fork ended up winning the tournament for the third straight year. Kyle's dad and Nic met us down there and lots of our friends were down there as well, so that made the weekend even more enjoyable.

Zac was is heaven. If you know Zac, you know he loves baseball. He quickly became the socialite of the tournament. At any given time, he was mingling with some group of older kids, quickly making new best friends who would buy him Big League Chew bubble gum and popcorn. At one point, he was playing home run derby with the older kids and they moved in because he was so little. They quickly found out that this kid has taken more swings than most ten year olds, and he hit, in his words, a "bomb." To top the weekend off, Zac got to hang out with the person he aspires to be, McKay Barney. Even when we're home in Denver, I have to bw Kellie and Kyle has to be Jason several times a week because Zac is McKay.

Will just enjoyed watching the kids run around and eating the candy people kept handing over to him. He also enjoyed to kiddie pool at our hotel. He and Zac played for hours in the 5x8, 1 foot deep, pool. They loved it. Zac insisted on getting goggles and snorkel, and he proved to be pretty good at it.

Kyle just loved being with his dad and Nick and his best friends watching Spanish Fork baseball. He was like a kid in a candy shop. It was fun for me just watching my three boys have so much fun.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Warm Weather

Another beautiful day.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Back to Baseball

We had a beautiful weekend here in Denver. We had a little rainshower Saturday night, but we even enjoyed that because it smelled like summer. The boys are so happy that we get to go outside and play, instead of sitting inside all day trying to think of things to do!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Visiting With Nate

Nate came over to Denver this week for business, and the boys were so happy to him. We were able to hang out at the house on Monday and Tuesday night, and today we went to the mall for lunch and playtime. Kyle and I were pretty happy to see him, as well. Luckily we'll be heading over to Utah in a week!

Zac's One-Liners

Zac is the funniest little boy. He reminds me sometimes of my brother-in-law, James, and here's why. James is smart, I mean really smart. He's a marine biologist for NOAA. Anyway, on a regular basis, James uses lots of big, sophisticated words. The cool thing is that these words are just a regular part of James' vocabulary. So, back to Zac. Zac learned to talk very early. He was singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" verbatim at 18 months. He remembers just about everything he hears (I've found that out by the occasional "what the h*** are you doing" he says to me. Who knows where he learned that!?). His new thing is his love for big words. For example, today we were going through a drive-thru car wash, and as we entered it, he said, "Mom, this is so interesting." I told him I thought it was interesting, too, and he responded by saying, "It really is fantastic!"

A few weeks ago we were driving home from church and he said, "Mom, I was so generous today." So I responded by asking how he had been generous to see if he really knew what that meant, and he said, "I shared my books and my fruit snacks with that boy who was sitting in front of us." I could share so many funny stories, but here's my favorite and I'll stop bragging. On Sunday afternoon after church, I put a movie on for him in my room so that I could hurry and cook dinner before having to leave for choir practice. He walked out of the room and said, "Mom, would you be so kind as to get me a drink of water?" I just started to laugh and I asked him where he learned that phrase, and he said he learned it at school. The child has never been to school, so I've yet to learn where he picked that up, but it's cute, nonetheless.

Will's not quite on the fast track for speaking like Zac was, but he is saying a few words. He's got so much personality, though. Needless to say, there's never a dull moment with Zac and Will around, and I love every minute of it. Well, almost every minute of it! Like 99.9 percent!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Feels Like Summertime (Well sort of)

Today was a beautiful day in Denver, so we went to our favorite park that we haven't been able to go to for a long time. The boys had a great time. I didn't get very many pics of Zac because he was moving too fast, but Will was cheesing it up for me the whole time. Enjoy.