Monday, January 29, 2007


This is a recent picture I took of Zac. I was just practicing some things with my camera and I was especially happy with this one. I hope you like them too. I think I like the black and white best. He's a sweet boy.

End of January

There's not much to say about this past week. The snow is still keeping up pretty much housebound, but we did venture out to the McDonald's playhouse on Wednesday and to the Children's Museum on Friday. The boys are handling the confinement quite well. We play a lot and we watch a lot of Hi-5, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Sesame Street. Yesterday (Sunday) was the prettiest day we've had for several weeks, so getting to and from church was easier than it's been in a while. Zac loves going to primary and Will loves to make things interesting for Kyle and me as we try to teach our classes and fulfill our callings while chasing him around the halls. We've got about 4 more months until he can go to nursery! I hope you enjoy this little video of this past week. Love, Aly

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Snow and Other Stuff

We've had a pretty lazy week here in Denver. It actually got up into the 30's later in the week, but today, the snow and cold are back with a vengeance. Kyle and Zac are at church and Will is down for a nap with the vaporizer right beside his crib to help clear up his stuffy nose and bad cough. I thought I'd share a little of what our week has been like.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Back to the Grind

Well, we're back in Colorado. Back to the mounds, and mounds of snow! Looking out of the window of my apartment, I see piles, six-feet high, of snow that has been cleared from our walks and driveways. It snowed a little more last night, so it all looks pretty right now, but after a day or two, it will be gray and murky and not so pretty anymore. It's great to be home in my own house, but I must admit, I am looking forward to the future when snow is a once in a decade occurrence!
Besides the snow and the cold (the high today is 15 degrees), it is great to be home. We loved traveling over the holidays. We loved every minute of it. But there really is no place like home. We've been busy unpacking our suitcases and cleaning out our closets so that everything can fit. I have already compiled 3 garbage bags full of stuff for the Goodwill up the street, and I haven't even gone through the boys' stuff yet! I love to de-clutter. I take after my sister Emily in that way. I LOVE getting an empty garbage bag and gathering stuff to throw away from throughout my house! I've watched a little too much Clean Sweep and Mission:Organization, I guess.

The boys are busy rediscovering their home. It's like Christmas all over again! Will has decided that he loves to shoot basketball. We have a Little Tikes adjustable hoop, so I put it on the lowest rung, and it's perfect for him to reach up and dunk the ball. Every time he does it, he claps for himself and looks over at all of us with a look that says, "Isn't that the coolest thing in the whole world!" Will has also discovered a love affair with yogurt through a cereal feeder and all natural, baked Cheetos. He loves things that start with the letter B, too. He walks around saying, ball, bat, and ba (banana).

Zac is just happy that we once again have a DVR full of Hi-5. He is one dancin', singin', ball-playin' maniac. Today he is wearing his Chipper Jones jersey, white baseball pants (thanks Vickie), white and red striker socks (circa 1990), black Nike cleats, and navy blue Braves hat. Not to mention the two Nike batting gloves the Easter Bunny brought him in his back pocket, and the Rawlings mit Pa got him for his birthday on his left hand. He told me earlier today that his buddy today is Frenchy Franceour (Braves right-fielder) because they're about the same age.

Kyle started his final semester of school on Wednesday. We know this semester is going to fly by, so we're trying to enjoy our last five months here is Denver with our friends.