Thursday, September 27, 2007

Has It Really Been Ten Years?

Kyle and Aly My friends since kindergarten, Kendra, Courtney, and Beth
My bestest bud from high school, Allison and her husband, Korey
The class of '97 (minus about 100)
Well, I am getting old. This past weekend was my ten year class reunion. We had a wonderful time. Kyle got to meet a lot of my high school friends he's never seen before and I got to catch up on ten years of life experiences. On Friday night there was a meet and greet at a restaurant on the waterfront, then on Saturday the reunion was at the Morehead City Country Club. It was very nice. It was catered by a local restaurant and there was live music. It's amazing how little everyone has changed over ten years. Here are a few pics of some of my friends.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jay Cutler

Zac decided a while back that he wanted to be a Broncos football player for Halloween. Well, I know Halloween is still 6 weeks away, but you have no idea how this kid had bugged and pestered me about this uniform. We saw it on and several time daily, he has asked me to pull it up and show it to him. Anyway- it has arrived! He is so excited. Notice the serious scowl in the first picture- he told me he had to look tough! All day long, he has referred to me as "Photographer," and I have had to address him as "Jay Cutler." As a matter of fact, he just walked up to me and said, "Hey photographer, come one! I have a game at 2:30 and I can't miss it!" I would like to get inside of his head, just for a second to see how fast the wheels are turning. He's a mile a minute!