Thursday, June 21, 2007

Living at the Hotel Hancock

Well, we are getting settled and having a good time. Living at my parents' house is an adventure. We LOVE being here, but there is always something going on! Eleven grandchildren in 7 years makes for a fun time when we get together. Leah and her family have been here for the past week to visit and to show off her new little one. He is adorable. I took some really fun pictures of him on Monday, so as soon as I get them edited, I will post them. Anyway- eleven little Hancock kids running around feels a little like a zoo. The kids love it, so it is all worth it.

We have a perfect apartment upstairs complete with a kitchen, washer and dryer, bathroom, living room, and two huge bedrooms. I am attempting to make it look a little more like home. So far I have hung 3 pictures, a clock, and a wreath! Impressive, I know. My mom and dad have been so gracious to let us disrupt their lives for the next few months, but we are so grateful for their hospitality and long-suffering.

I just got around to editing some pictures from our visit in Utah last month. Here are a few.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getting Settled

Well, we've been here for two weeks today, and we are getting settled in and finally getting some things put away. The boys are enjoying their cousins and grandma's huge yard. Kyle is already busy studying and preparing for the BAR and I am trying hard to unpack boxes, edit pictures, watch kids, etc.

My sister, Leah, had a baby yesterday, so we went up to Raleigh for the day to meet Carter Michael Steelman. He is blonde and fair like Leah. I think he looks just like her. His brothers were very excited for him to arrive. Leah and Rodney and the baby are doing well.

I've haven't taken too many pictures since I got here, because I've been too busy, but here are a few from the other day.