Sunday, July 22, 2007

Enjoying the Summer

The boys are enjoying a summer full of swimming, playing at the shore, playing with cousins, riding bikes, and the list goes on and on. Last night we celebrated Pioneer Day at the church and everyone had such a fun time. So many people in the ward worked so hard to make it an enjoyable and memorable day, and we are appreciative of their sacrifice. Here are a few pictures from the evening and few more from the past week.

A Beautiful Place to Live

The older I get, the more I realize how beautiful my home is. As a child, I remember my aunt, Sister, always becoming very emotional whenever she spoke about coming "home." As an adult, I now know how she felt, because I feel that way now. When I look at these pictures I have taken over the past few weeks, I can even smell the places and feel the humidity and breeze. I wish everyone could experience feel it when they looked at these pictures.

Kyle feels the same way about his home, as he should. I hope that the word "home" evokes pleasant and joyful emotions in everyone. It certainly does for me.